How to spy on your competitor’s product and content strategy via sitemap monitoring

Sitemaps play a very important role in ranking websites. Just like how a map gives us direction to our destination, a sitemap gives a peek into the pages available for crawling to search engines. A sitemap, usually in the XML format, mostly contains information like the URL of the page, and metadata like change frequency, priority, etc. But how can we use sitemap monitoring to capitalize on our competitor’s product and content strategy?

For that, we first need to find the sitemap of our competitor’s website and use it with tools like Hexowatch. Since a sitemap gives insights into all the pages of our competitor’s website, we can keep a watch on what is being added, removed, or updated. The first section of this article focuses on how you can find the sitemap of a website. Once you have that, the next step is to have sitemap monitoring in place using Hexowatch.