Hexowatch Changelog

Follow our latest Hexowatch product and development updates.

4.6 – 21st July 2023

  • Improvements: Big improvement targeting false positives on the visual and content monitors.

4.5 – 23rd November 2022

  • Improvements: Keyword monitor now tracks how many times a keyword is found and you can now get notifications if this increases or decreases.
  • Improvements: It is now possible to view the number of unread alerts for each monitored URL without checking the URL in the Changes feed section.

4.4 – 23rd September 2022

  • Improvements: Visual and HTML monitors now allow choosing to be notified when no changes are detected on the monitored pages.

4.3 – 13th September 2022

  • Improvements: Tech Stack library has been upgraded enabling you to check websites for more than 3000 third-party services.

4.2 – 14th July 2022

  • Improvements: Our Technology monitor now allows you to check the status of multiple tech stacks from the list at once (found/updated/removed) or exclude them from the check.
  • Improvements: Now it is possible to see the next/previous results from a specific page monitor.

4.1 – 1st July 2022

  • Improvements: Visual monitor has been improved for faster performance.
  • Improvements: Visual monitor offers “Delay”, “Refresh”, and “Scroll” options when adding bulk URLs.

4.0 – 23rd June 2022

  • Improvements: Ability to track traffic for a specific period of time, along with the number of premium credits deducted from your account by using residential proxies.
  • Improvements: Redesigned chart bars and sidebar made Hexowatch’s user experience more intuitive.

3.9 – 17th June 2022

  • Improvements: Hexowatch custom actions now include a “Go to URL” option, allowing you to reach the desired pages faster and ensuring better results
  • Improvements: Hexowatch monitors have been significantly improved, allowing you to track changes faster, easier, and more conveniently.

3.8 – 2nd June 2022

  • New feature: Multi-tagging is enabled for Hexowatch, allowing you to sort your monitors using multiple tags.
  • New feature: An option was added allowing you to delete changes from your Hexowatch feed.

3.7 – 19th May 2022

  • New feature: Hexomatic workflows can now be triggered via any Hexowatch change monitor to perform tasks when changes are detected.

3.6 – 12th May 2022

  • New feature: PayPal is now supported as a payment option across Hexowatch, Hexomatic, and Hexometer.

3.5 – 15th April 2022

  • Improvements: Improved conditional rules and custom actions for the HTML element monitor .
  • Improvements: You can now duplicate Hexowatch monitors.
  • Improvements: Improved bulk editing enabling you to set custom notification channels.
  • Improvements: You can now disable notifications when pages can’t be retrieved.

3.4 – 31st March 2022

  • Improvements: We have improved the Hexowatch Visual Monitor with the ability to edit custom actions’ path in existing monitors.

3.3 – 17th March 2022

  • New feature: Microsoft teams integration, helping to keep the entire team up to date when changes are detected.
  • Improvements: Hexowatch previews have become much faster.

3.2 – 4th March 2022

  • Improvements: Edit, re-check and delete options are added in the change monitor
  • Improvements:Email notifications can be tailored by selecting the type of images to include when changes are detected (choose from current Image, previous Image and highlighted Image options
  • Improvements: Delay, scroll, local storage, and cookie custom actions are now available in the content monitor

3.1 – 21st January 2022

  • New feature: 2FA authentication via email or the Google Authenticator app
  • Improvements: Change detection screenshot added to visual monitor change alerts

3.0 – 5th October 2021

  • New feature: Residential proxy support
  • Improvements: New UI for easier monitor creation and reviewing of changes
  • Improvements: Browser tech upgrade for better compatibility with a wider range of websites + custom actions improvements
  • Improvements: Crawler upgrade for better performance and reliability of checks
  • Improvements: Enhanced anti-bot countermeasures for better reliability

2.26 – 16th September 2021

  • New feature: Launched Chrome browser apps to provide access to Hexowatch in one click from desktop or mobile devices

2.25 – 17th August 2021

  • New feature: Source code monitor (monitoring CSS, JS and HTML)
  • Improvements: Auto saving UI filters
  • Improvements: Custom actions added
  • Improvements: New expires in option added in WHOIS monitor
  • Improvements: Displaying up to 100 URLS per page

2.24 – 11th August 2021

  • New feature: Launched RSS monitor to get alerts when competitors post new news or blog post updates.
    Improvements: Tech stack monitor now supports additional trigger conditions when a technology is no longer found, added, updated or when any change is detected.

2.23 – 3rd August 2021

  • Improvements: Availability monitor now has a bulk URL option so you can load all the URLS you want to monitor in a few clicks
    Improvements: Expanded conditional triggers for the API monitor (String contains or does not contain conditions)

2.22 – 15th July 2021

  • Improvements: API monitor now supports different alert conditions based on the data returned by the API
    Improvements: Platform speed and performance.

2.21 – 24th June 2021

  • Improvements: Upgraded the alert notifications these now show a link to the actual alert with more actionable data
  • Improvements: Sitemap monitor notifications now show sitemap changes

2.20 – 29th May 2021

  • New feature: Set your own default settings to save time creating new monitors
    Improvements: Bug fixes reported in the week

2.19 – 15th May 2021

  • New feature: Toggle user agent visibility for monitors (helps organizations whitelist our monitoring)
    Improvement: Type password custom action
    New feature: Bulk url monitoring added to keyword, html and content monitors

2.18 – 6th May 2021

  • New feature: Visual monitor can now bulk monitor URLS
  • New feature: Ad blocker added as a custom action
  • Improvement: AI monitor now has a delay custom action

2.17 – 27th April 2021

  • New feature: Discord notification integration
  • New feature: Custom scheduling options for monitors so you can specify wake and sleep days as well as hours of the week for your monitors.
    Improvement: We added more TLD’s to our WHOIS monitor, which is now able to monitor up to 1138 different domain extensions.

2.16 – 20th April 2021

  • New feature: Bulk monitor SEO backlinks by adding a list of URLS to monitor and Hexowatch will do the rest automatically

2.15 – 12th April 2021

  • New feature: Dark mode UI option now available

2.14 – 8th April 2021

  • New Monitor launched: Backlink monitor helps you keep an eye on your backlink partners and get notified when any backlink is removed or if any link attribute is changed (for ex: from follow to no-follow).

2.13 – 30th March 2021

  • New Monitor launched: The API monitor can check POST or GET endpoints and you can configure it with customisable triggering rules so that you are alerted if responses are not as expected.

2.12 – 19th March 2021

  • Feature improvement: Improved the email notification subject lines to include the monitor type and name / url to make it easier to handle email notifications
  • Feature improvement: Added additional frequency check options
  • Feature improvement: Improved HTML element monitor multi select refinements
  • Feature improvement: Webhooks and 3rd party integrations for the new sitemap monitor

2.11 – 11th March 2021

  • New feature: Launched the Sitemap Monitor which enables you to monitor any website with a publicly accessible sitemap for new, updated or deleted pages.

2.10 – 25th February 2021

  • Feature improvement: All our monitors can now be edited, including our visual monitor (where you can select a different part of the screen or make changes to the custom actions). No more deleting and re-creating monitors when pages need new settings.  
  • Feature improvement: HTML element monitor now passes the monitored fields in our Telegram and Slack notifications.

2.9 – 19th February 2021

  • Feature improvement: You can now edit existing HTML element monitors and make changes to monitored fields
  • Feature improvement: You can now see all existing custom actions with the option of deleting these on existing monitors
  • Feature improvement: Added the ability to edit or delete conditions in the HTML element monitor
  • New feature: Added Syncspider integration enabling Hexowatch to pass alerts to 100’s of compatible apps.

2.8 – 11th February 2021

  • New feature: HTML element monitor can now pass monitored field values to webhooks, Zapier, Integrately and Pabbly connect integrations.
  • Improvement: HTML element monitor export to CSV & Google sheets now include the detected values.

2.7 – 3rd February 2021

  • New feature: Added conditional rules to the HTML element monitor that can trigger an alert when a number is less, equal or higher as well as using AND as well as OR conditions.

2.6 – 26th January 2021

  • New feature: Bulk URL editing! With this new feature, you can save time editing multiple monitors at the same time, changing key monitoring settings such as intensity, notification settings, tags or pausing  in a few clicks.

2.5 – 18th January 2021

  • New feature: Bulk URL monitoring! With this new feature, you can copy-paste a list of URLs and deploy hundreds of monitors in a few clicks.
  • Improvement: You can now add a custom email address on a per-monitor basis. This means you can specify different email addresses for clients, suppliers, or team members on a per-monitor basis.
  • Improvement: You can now assign a specific Slack channel on a per-monitor basis so the whole team can get updates when changes are detected and discuss these within Slack on any device.

2.4 – 11th January 2021

  • New feature: Browser notifications alerts
  • Bugs fixes: Affecting the alert feed filters and monitored urls editing
  • Improved AI monitor sensitivity settings

2.3 – 21st December 2020

  • New feature: Daily alert digest now available containing all your notifications from the day
  • Improved our alerts page and monitored URLs page so you can now see the URL that triggered the alert and more information about the change at a glance

2.2 – 10th December 2020

  • Hexowatch public website redesign based on new UI and design language

2.1 – 4th December 2020

  • Hexowatch affiliate program launched in partnership with Impact

2.0 – 26th November 2020

  • Hexowatch 2.0 complete redesign of the UI featuring over 50+ newly designed pages and a more streamlined experience

1.11 – 27th October 2020

  • Webhooks improvement: Hexowatch now supports individual webhooks and triggers on a per monitor basis

1.10 – 9th October 2020

  • New integration: Added Integrately integration

1.9 – 21st September 2020

  • New feature: Multi element monitoring now possible inside the HTML element monitor to check more than one element at a time
  • Fixed HTML element monitor bugs
  • Added more % options for content monitor sensitivity option
  • Improved keyword monitor, now enables you to receive alerts when a keyword is found OR no longer found

1.8 – 7th September 2020

  • Upgraded dashboard now shows how many checks you have used, how many you have left until your plan renews, plus we now calculate how much time you saved automating monitoring
  • Added custom actions feature to the visual monitor
  • Visual monitor now supports password protected pages
  • Content monitor improvements,  can now alert you when user specified % of content changes are detected on a page
  • WHOIS monitor improvements, can now let you know when a domain is about to expire (1 day or 7 day before).

1.7 – 27th August 2020

  • Charts added to the monitored URLs page to show active and type of monitors in use
  • Filter monitors by type, status or by url in monitored URLs page
  • Grid view added to monitored URLs page
  • Alert page improvements (added filters and last change alerts)
  • Improvements to the HTML element monitor
  • Added 8 different device types for the HTML element monitor & Visual monitor (check page as a small, medium or large mobile device, tablet, laptop or even a 4K desktop monitor)

1.6 – 20th August 2020

  • Export alerts to CSV
  • Export alerts to Google Sheets
  • Improved accuracy of page previews
  • Fixed a bug that caused intermittent slowness in the dashboard or white screens.
  • New 5 minute frequency interval for Business & above plans
  • New refine and isolate feature in the HTML element monitor to select a part of the element you want to track and avoid other characters or code

1.5 – 10th August 2020

  • Pabbly Connect integration live

1.4 – 5th August 2020

  • Launch of webhooks
  • New Monitor: WHOIS monitor to get alerts when domains become available on the open market and get notified of administrative changes
  • Expanded monitoring frequency options

1.3 – 30th July 2020

  • Custom actions to perform clicks, type text, submit forms, refresh page & set cookie variables for the HTML element monitor
  • Support for password protected pages (HTML element monitor)
  • AND / OR conditions for the keyword monitor
  • Sort, multi-select, and bulk delete options for managing monitors
  • Visual monitor slider to compare visual changes as well as a magnifying glass to zoom in on changes

1.2 – 27th July 2020

  • Custom notification settings
  • Monitor tagging feature to organize monitors
  • Bug fixes

1.1 – 8th July 2020

  • Zapier integration
  • Additional monitoring intervals
  • Expanded check sensitivity settings
  • Manual check option
  • Difference highlighting launched for visual, content, technology & HTML monitors
  • Bug fixes

1.0 – 4th July 2020

  • Launch of Hexowatch
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