Staying a step ahead of your market is a full time job.

Manually checking your competitors or suppliers for new products, landing page changes or pricing updates is time consuming, repetitive and tedious.

What you need is a recon drone that keeps an eye on all your competitors, suppliers, prospects, distributors, drop-shippers, shipping partners, and even your own websites for changes.

Meet your new sidekick: Hexowatch

Say hello to your new AI sidekick that works behind the scenes checking pages for changes so you can focus on your business.

Monitor any page for visual changes

The visual monitor is ideal to get a heads up when landing pages get updated or if a recent web development update messed up your website design.

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content monitoring
Monitor any page for content changes

Need to focus on content changes only? The content monitor ignores visual or source code changes, alerting you when visible text is updated. This is ideal to keep an eye on landing page copy, terms and conditions or affiliate disclosures on any page.

Turn any page into your own data source with the HTML element monitor

The HTML element monitor is ideal to monitor one or more fields on a page such as prices or product availability. This monitor turns any page into your own data source with the ability to trigger rule based alerts when monitored fields go lower, higher or match a predefined target.

html element monitoring
sitemap monitoring
Get a heads up when websites update or publish new pages

Want to know when a competitor launches a new product or when a new deal is launched? Our sitemap monitor enables you to get sitewide website monitoring alerting you when new pages are updated or published.

Monitor for the presence or absence of keywords on a page

The keyword monitor lets you know if specific keywords are found or removed from a page, this is ideal for brand monitoring or getting a heads up when an offer is launched.

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tech steck monitoring
Monitor any page for technology stack and 3rd party services

Did your Google Analytics tag go missing? Did your prospect start using a new visitor chat platform? Stay ahead of your market and get notified as soon as any changes in tech stack are detected. You can monitor specific tech stacks (for example analytics or tracking scripts) or get notified when any changes are detected.

Monitor for source code changes

The Source code monitor highlights any changes to the source code of a page and is ideal to track changes made to backlinks or check for any malicious code injections.

Source code mointoring
domain whois monitoring
Monitor any page for WHOIS, DNS and domain administrative changes

The WHOIS monitor alerts you when any changes are detected to the admin records of domain names, ideal for changes of ownership or keeping an eye on expiring domains.

Monitor any page or resource for availability

The availability monitor checks any URL for downtime alerting you when a page is unavailable and when it comes back.

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AI monitoring
Monitor on auto-pilot

Lastly our AI monitor provides an auto-pilot mode which alerts you when any visual, content, source code or technology changes are detected.

Hexowatch fits in your workflow

Pages are archived for 3 months, and can be checked every few months down to every 30 minutes depending on your objective and all paid plans come with email, Slack, Telegram, Discord, Google Sheets and Zapier integrations as standard.

By default Hexowatch checks pages as a desktop computer with a large screen but you can also specify one of 7 device sizes from mobile to desktop.

Need to check complex pages? The visual and HTML element monitors enable you to perform custom actions (such as clicking, logging in to password protected sites, setting cookies or closing modal windows) on the Pro and above plan.

Need to check a website as if you were visiting from a specific geographic location? Our business and above plans have you covered enabling you to check pages as if you were from the US, EU or Asia.

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