Why We Built Hexowatch

With 13 different page change monitoring types, Hexowatch makes it easy to track everything that's important to you on the internet.

We monitor websites for
changes, so you don’t have to.

13 different page change monitoring types

Capture changes on autopilot – in just
three steps.

Select the type of change to detect

Choose from one of our 13 monitoring types to detect visual, content, keyword, source code, technology, availability, API, or price changes to name a few.

Select change monitoring tools

Enter the URL of the page to monitor

Depending on your objectives, you can go broad or specify specific conditions that have to be met for a change to be detected.

Enter the URL to monitor

Get alerts when changes are detected

When changes are detected, we archive a snapshot of the changes so you can easily compare them and stay informed.

Stay informed about the changes

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