Advanced Monitoring:
Cut The Noise & Never Miss
Important Change

Hexowatch provides 13 different monitoring options to help you stay informed when specific changes occur on any website.
13 different monitoring options
13 different monitoring options

Detect visual changes on any page

The visual monitor is a powerful tool, enabling you to capture and archive screenshots and receive instant notifications when visual changes are detected.

Visual monitor for screenshot capture and change notifications

Spot content changes

Do you need to focus on content changes only? With Hexowatch, you can ignore any visual or source code changes and only receive an alert when visible text is updated. This is ideal for monitoring landing page copy, terms, and conditions, or affiliate disclosures on any page.

Hexowatch content change alerts for text updates only

Track prices or product availability

The HTML element monitor empowers you to track one or more fields on a page, such as prices or product availability. This is like having a personal assistant who keeps an eye on specific information for you and alerts you when something changes.

HTML element monitor for tracking specific fields on a page

Get alerts when pages are published

Want to know when a competitor launches a new product or when a new article is published? Our sitemap monitor enables you to get sitewide website monitoring alerting you when new pages are updated or published from an XML sitemap.

Sitemap monitor for new page and article alerts

Scan for specific keywords on a page

The keyword monitor lets you know if specific keywords are found or removed from a page, this is ideal for brand monitoring or getting a heads-up when an offer is launched.

Keyword monitor for brand or offer updates

Detect changes in tech stack

Did your Google Analytics tag go missing? Did your prospect start using a new visitor chat platform? Stay ahead of your market and get notified as soon as any changes in tech stack are detected.

Tech stack change alerts for Google Analytics and chat platforms

Discover source code changes

Get alerts when the HTML code of any web page changes, ideal for highlighting any potential malicious code changes.

HTML code change alerts for potential malicious changes

Get Alerts when WHOIS or DNS changes occur

The WHOIS monitor alerts you when any changes are detected to the admin records of domain names, ideal for changes of ownership or keeping an eye on expiring domains.

WHOIS monitor for domain admin record changes

Monitor for downtime on any URL

The availability monitor checks any URL for downtime alerting you when a page is unavailable and when it comes back.

URL availability monitor for downtime alerts

Monitor any API for changes

Be the first to know if your API endpoints experience any anomalies or downtime.

API endpoint anomaly and downtime alerts

Keep an eye on your SEO backlink partners

Monitor your acquired backlinks and get notified when links back to your website are removed or modified.

Backlink monitor for link removal or modification alerts

Check RSS feeds for changes

Monitor any RSS feed for changes or updates, this is ideal to get notifications when new articles or products are published.

RSS feed monitor for new articles or products

Get notified of any change on auto-pilot

The AI monitor provides an auto-pilot mode that alerts you when any visual, content, source code, or technology changes are detected.

AI monitor for auto-pilot alerts on visual, content, code, and tech changes