HTML element monitor - Walkthrough

Select HTML element monitoring tool

The HTML element monitor works like a web browser and lets you monitor specific elements for changes. This is ideal for monitoring and tracking prices or values on third party pages.

Preview desired URL

To get started enter the URL you want to check and click preview.

Select html element and right clicking to call up the actions button

Once the page has loaded, click the area you want to monitor.

Perform actions on a page like as if you were using a web browser

If your selection contains any unwanted characters or text, right-click on the element and click Show Elements HTML code.

The actions area lets you click any element on page

Then simply select the part you want to monitor and click select.

In this example we clicked the pricing page link

Next, you can choose the frequency of the checks, your preferred notification channels, as well as set custom start and end dates.

You can choose the frequency of the checks

Then click start monitoring to get started. Hexowatch will keep an eye on the page and will notify you when this specific element of the page changes.