Hexowatch new feature spotlight: More stats, custom actions & better content change detection

⚑ Did you know that our users saved on average 32 hours last month using Hexowatch to automate their competitor or landing page check?

πŸ“Š We have upgraded our dashboard with some handy stats to show how many checks you have used, how many you have left until your plan renews, plus we now calculate how much time you saved automating your competitor or website monitoring for the win.

πŸ’» Our visual monitor has received an upgrade too and features custom actions you can perform before capturing a page. For example you can now click modal windows, close pop-up overlays on a page, navigate to different pages, login to password protected areas and more before checking a page for visual changes.

πŸŽ›οΈ We also made some significant changes to our content monitor which can now alert you when any content changes are detected on a page.

πŸ”” Lastly our WHOIS monitor can now let you know when a domain is about to expire, great for ensuring you don’t lose a domain or to get notified when it does.

Thanks for being awesome, have a great weekend ahead!

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