Month: March 2021

Hexowatch Updates: New monitor launched to keep an eye on GET/POST APIs

I’m happy to announce that we just launched a brand new monitor inside Hexowatch called the API monitor and If you’re a developer you are going to love this!

This was a popular feature request from some of our web design and development clients and it essentially enables you to monitor any API for response changes.

Update: UX improvements rolled out on Hexowatch

Update: UX improvements rolled out on Hexowatch

This week we deployed lots of little UX improvements on Hexowatch including webhooks & 3rd party integrations for our new sitemap monitor, better email notifications and more.

How to Set Up Alerts For When Products Are Restocked

Products going out of stock can hinder your business massively. Whether it’s a replacement part for a machine, supplies or even monitoring your competition. And rather than having to check back each day for it comes back in stock. Our HTML monitor here at Hexowatch can monitor for any HTML changes in your chosen webpages. Instantly alerting you to when items are back in stock.

The best website defacement monitoring tools

Website defacement is a type of cyberattack that involves changing how a page looks often bragging about an intrusion.

With over 30,000 websites hacked every single day, this is something you definitely want to keep an eye on to protect your website and its reputation.

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