Hexowatch new feature spotlight: Daily alert digest & improved alerts page

We have just rolled out some sweet upgrades on Hexowatch to start your week. 🎉

First up you can now choose to receive a daily alert digest containing all your notifications from the day – Your inbox will rejoice!

Alternatively, you can choose to receive notifications whenever a change is detected. 📨

We have also improved our alerts page and monitored URLs page so you can now see the URL that triggered the alert and more information about the event at a glance. 📣

Go beyond page change monitoring with Hexowatch

Monitor updates on any website and get notified when visual, content, keyword, technology stack, HTML, availability, price or WHOIS changes are detected.

24/7 AI-assisted website monitoring and archiving. Receive notifications when important changes are detected on your landing pages, competitors, clients, partners, or industry websites.

Get started in minutes – no software, proxies or programming required

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