Updates: Bulk URL monitoring, custom email notifications & more…

It’s just the 4th week of January and I’m excited to announce three highly requested features have been deployed on today 🎉

📑 First up we have bulk URL monitoring! With this new feature, you can copy-paste a list of URLs and deploy hundreds of monitors in a few clicks.

Each monitor type has different settings and considerations, so we are launching this feature with the Technology and WHOIS monitors first and will expand the feature to more monitor types soon!

✉️ Next up we received a lot of requests to provide more flexibility when it comes to notifications. Last week we announced browser notifications, today I’m happy to announce you can now add a custom email address on a per-monitor basis. This means you can specify different email addresses for clients, suppliers, or team members on a per-monitor basis.

🔖 BTW do you use Slack in your business? Then you will love this… you can now assign a specific Slack channel on a per-monitor basis so the whole team can get updates when changes are detected and discuss these within Slack on any device.

You can find all the upgrades in your dashboard.

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