Hexowatch – a Software Advice Frontrunner

We’re pleased to announce that Hexowatch has been announced as a SoftwareAdvice Frontrunner in the category of Data Analysis. 

A comprehensive set of criteria is used by SoftwareAdvice to qualify Frontrunners in each category. Aside from customer satisfaction and product usability, the software must also meet a number of other criteria – including relevance across different markets or sectors. 

Software Advice is specialized in providing free software advisory services, performing research and user reviews on software apps designed for businesses across different industries. 

As a result, their advisors are able to help businesses identify the right software options that will meet their specific needs.

Automate page change monitoring with Hexowatch

Hexowatch is your AI sidekick to monitor any website for visual, content, source code, technology, availability, or price changes.

Hexowatch works 24/7 to help spot trends, spy on your competitors, visually check your website, keep an archive of every change and turn any website into your own private data source accessing changes as a downloadable CSV file, google sheets, or via Zapier.

Monitor any website and get started in minutes – no software, proxies, or programming required

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