Hexowatch new feature spotlight: Custom notification settings & monitor tagging

It’s been another busy week at Hexowatch HQ and our developers have been focusing on improving our feature set as well as fixing site-specific issues.
Today we are launching a much-requested feature: custom notification settings. This enables you to specify the notification channel for each monitored URL. This is useful when you only want a specific monitor to send notifications to for example Zapier, whilst for another you only want to get notifications by email or Telegram.

For those who have lots of URLs to monitor, we have implemented a tagging feature, so you can group monitors by tag, and filter your monitors accordingly. This is ideal if you want to organise your monitors by client or use case. You can also name any of your monitors.
Lastly, our team has fixed lots of bugs reported in the last week that caused some 3rd party pages to load slowly or timeout.
Thanks for your great feature suggestions and ideas, keep them coming 🙂
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