Hexowatch new feature spotlight: Custom actions & an improved UI

We have some exciting updates rolling out today on Hexowatch!

Our HTML element monitor has received a massive upgrade and can now perform custom actions, just like a real person browsing a website before checking an element.

This includes:

-Clicking buttons or links to navigate to different pages
-Clicking elements to close pop-ups or modal elements
-Typing text or filling out forms
-Logging into password protected websites (we don’t recommend doing this for social media websites like facebook or linkedin as automated account access may be against their TOS).
-Refreshing the page
-Setting cookie variables

The possibilities are endless 🚀

Next up we have upgraded our keyword monitor so you can now specify advanced AND / OR conditions. For example, alert me if this keyword or this keyword is found, but not that keyword.

You can now sort, multi-select, and bulk delete monitors, which is handy when you have lots of monitored urls.

Our visual monitor has also received an upgrade and now features a slider to compare visual changes as well as a magnifying glass to zoom into the screenshot.

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