Hexowatch Updates – Custom scheduling + Discord integration

We just deployed some sweet updates in Hexowatch today 👍

First up is our new Discord integration. If you haven’t heard of Discord before, it’s a popular chat platform which allows users to talk in real time with each other.

Our new integration enables you to receive notifications when any monitor detects a change directly in your Discord chat.

We also implemented additional custom scheduling options for monitors so you can now specify wake and sleep days and hours of the week.

This works just like Google Calendar using slots so you can set your monitors to check for example on workdays only between 9 am and 5 pm.

Lastly we added more TLD’s to our WHOIS monitor, which is now able to monitor up to 1138 different domain extensions. Crazy to think there are so many out there!

👉 You can find this in your dashboard.

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