Hexowatch Updates: Monitor SEO backlinks in bulk

Hexowatch Updates: Monitor SEO backlinks in bulk

We just rolled out a big improvement to the Hexowatch.com SEO backlink monitor in terms of workflow and abilities this morning.

When we launched our new monitor a few weeks ago you had to add backlinks one by one identifying it on the page first to monitor these for changes. With our latest update you can now bulk add a list of all your current backlinks, and Hexowatch will do the rest automatically.

Why should you be monitoring your backlinks?

Building backlinks is time consuming and expensive, which is why you want to make sure that the backlinks you’ve built are still working and bringing in traffic!

Hexowatch is able to detect when a link is removed, or when the link attribution changes for example when someone changes the link attribute to be:

rel=”sponsored” – For paid or sponsored links. 

rel=”ugc” – Links within all user-generated content. 

rel=”nofollow” – A catchall for all nofollow links.

The best way to get started is to get your current list of backlinks from Google Search Console,  SEMrush or your favourite SEO platform.
You can then bulk add the list in a new backlink monitor and get alerts as soon as changes are detected so you can protect your link equity.

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