New features spotlight: Webhooks, WHOIS & more monitoring frequency options!

it’s been a busy week at Hexowatch HQ and we have some exciting updates to announce today. 🔥

🔌 Webhooks have been a popular request in the last weeks and our team is happy to announce version 1.0 of our webhooks feature is now live! (check your settings page) 🚀

To provide a bit of background, webhooks are developer endpoints that you can use to pass alert messages from Hexowatch to 3rd party apps.

Our first webhooks release lets you send alert notifications to 3rd party apps that support webhooks and we are working on releasing an update which will enable more advanced data to be passed.

🎯 Next up we have a new monitor called the Domain WHOIS monitor which lets you monitor the DNS and other administrative details of the domain names. This will then alert you when any details are updated.

🕑 Lastly, we have expanded our monitoring frequency options based on popular user requests. You can now specify at what time and date a monitor should start and optionally end. And we have added 2 and 3 day frequency intervals to provide you with even more flexibility as to when checks should happen.

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