How to monitor any API for uptime or response issues

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With Hexowatch, you can monitor any API with the inbuilt API monitoring option. Not only that, Hexowatch will also send you alerts when the values in the response changes meaning you can also set up price alerts for stocks or cryptocurrencies, if they have an API for it.

How to spy on your competitor’s product and content strategy via sitemap monitoring

Sitemaps play a very important role in ranking websites. Just like how a map gives us direction to our destination, a sitemap gives a peek into the pages available for crawling to search engines. A sitemap, usually in the XML format, mostly contains information like the URL of the page, and metadata like change frequency, priority, etc. But how can we use sitemap monitoring to capitalize on our competitor’s product and content strategy?

For that, we first need to find the sitemap of our competitor’s website and use it with tools like Hexowatch. Since a sitemap gives insights into all the pages of our competitor’s website, we can keep a watch on what is being added, removed, or updated. The first section of this article focuses on how you can find the sitemap of a website. Once you have that, the next step is to have sitemap monitoring in place using Hexowatch.

How to monitor your SEO backlinks to get alerts when publishers tamper with your links

How to monitor your SEO backlinks to get alerts when publishers tampers with links

Backlinks are still an important factor in your online marketing strategy for your website to rank well in Google and gain organic traffic. But it can be a painfully long and expensive process to earn or negotiate with publishers and get backlinks or mentions to your website. 

To make matters worse, you can lose backlinks in the blink of an eye, whether because the page linking to you got deleted or when publishers edit their articles changing the link attribute or removing it altogether after the fact. In most cases this link attrition goes by unnoticed as most teams just don’t have time to keep checking links daily or weekly.

With Hexowatch, you have the power to monitor all the backlinks to your website without the hassles of traditional backlink monitoring. You get vital notifications whenever there’s a change in status of the backlink to your website, so that you can get in touch with the publisher or link broker to take corrective action.

In this tutorial, we will take a look at some of the ways in which you can download your current backlinks and how to create backlink monitors in Hexowatch to monitor these 24/7 so you can focus on your business.

How to monitor any landing page for visual changes

Once you have developed your website you shouldn’t consider that job done. Leaving your website to its own devices without constant monitoring can be detrimental to the health and effectiveness of the website. It can take up an unnecessary amount of time however to always be checking for changes yourself when your attention can be …

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